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Things to do during Earth Hour.

Humans are called to protect the earth, and tonight we get the opportunity to work together to show our neighbours, and the world that we care about our planet. By turning our lights off at 8:30-9:30pm during those 60 minutes we signal outwardly and to ourselves that we are willing to take action to protect our environment, so that the environment can keep us safe.

"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

- Genesis 2:15, NIV.

It is my understanding of the Bible that we must take what we need, and share the rest with our fellow humans, so not to be greedy. Earth hour is the perfect time to share with our neighbours a reminder of how precious nature is, and how sometimes we need to switch off our consumption, and switch on our mindfulness.

The WWF will be live streaming a variety of entertaining events throughout the hour. However, this year I am going to completely step away from all technology, if you’d like to do the same below are some activities. Hint: They can double as isolation ideas, but perhaps using a light more stable than that of a flickering candle.

Things to do during earth hour tonight:

1. Meditate

Look up at the stars and simply breath and be thankful to nature.

2. Write by candle light

Take a leap back to the year 1600 and get your creative juices flowing - without the distraction of any screens glowing.

3. Crosswords or sudoku

Highlighting is fun and so is the occasional puzzle.

4. Drink tea and read by candle light. Maybe this can be the time you take to read a book?

If all else fails, and meditation isn’t your vibe then put the gas cooker on and boil some water (or boil the kettle around 8:25pm) to make yourself a piping hot cuppa to sip whilst you read by the flickering flames of one of your many (supervised) candles now gracing your house.

Please remember to never leave a candle unattended, and switch off those lights at 8:30pm tonight.

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Article by Jemima Barlow

President of the NDSJS 2020

Contact us:

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