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Modern Slavery- How Can I Help?

Modern slavery can seem like a faraway issue that is out of our control. Although major decisions are up to policy makers and politicians, there are so many things youcan do to help end human trafficking. Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways we can fight the issue of modern slavery together:

Stay Informed

To end modern slavery, it is crucial to stay well-informed on the gravity and extent of the issue. A good starting point for this is reading ‘The Global Slavery Index’: which is a report on the risk and extent of modern slavery, as well as the effectiveness of efforts to end it. Here’s the link to check out the Global Slavery Index Report:

Check Where Your Clothes Are Made

Modern slavery cannot be eradicated if traffickers are able to exploit vulnerable individuals in society. This starts with the promise of an income to support your family and ends with having to work an exhausting shift with no breaks, in unsafe conditions. Being a responsible consumer is a good way to fight against modern slavery. When shopping, make sure to check where the item was made, and whether the workers behind it had fair working conditions. An example is Winki Suits, an Australian brand that sells swimwear, made by survivors of human trafficking in the Philippines!

Talk To Your Friends

To abolish modern slavery, it is essential to challenge the social norms, as well as the discrimination which allows exploitation (1). Having conversations with the people around you is important, as it helps you to stay informed, as well as accountable to your commitment in helping to end modern slavery. Surround yourself with others who are eager to have these conversations! If we continue to spread information on the gravity of the issue of modern slavery, we can make a difference through social change.

Support Anti-Slavery Organisations.

The following organisations are good starting points to educate yourself, as well as an opportunity to donate. Subscribe with your email for updates on the change they are making in the world!

The International Justice Mission (IJM)is a global organisation that partners with local authorities in 24 program offices in 14 different countries to fight against slavery, violence against women and children, as well as police abuse of power against those who are poor.

IJM aims to end modern slavery in three steps. The first is rescuing and restoring victims, and providing for their urgent needs, such as safe housing, food, medical care, counselling and education. The second step involves bringing criminals to justice. IJM works with local law enforcement to ensure human traffickers do not continue to pose a threat to the vulnerable in the community. The team consists of multiple lawyers who put perpetrators behind bars. Furthermore, IJM aims to strengthen justice systems in order to stop traffickers exploiting those living in poverty. They provide training, mentoring and support to local lawyers and law enforcement to try stop the cycle of violence.

Walk Free is an international human rights organisation founded by our very own Notre Dame Alumni Grace Forrest. Walk Free focuses on abolishing modern slavery, in all its forms, in our lifetime. They aim to pioneer research that reinforces the need for change in the world. The Walk Free international team includes statisticians, criminologists, lawyers and international development experts, that work together to address the root causes of modern slavery and create mass systems change.


Article by Ruth Malka

Education Director of the

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