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Message from the President.


I'm so excited you've decided to apply to become a member of the NDSJS. Joining societies is one of the best ways to experience the social aspect of university. The NDSJS doubles as both a fantastic way to connect with students and as a way to give back to the community. 

If you ever need to raise an issue, or have an idea for the society then please reach out to me or one of our friendly committee members.

Kindest regards,


NDSJS 2021 President.

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Available positions

Co-Vice President

Media Director

Social Justice Year Representatives:

First Year Representative 

Second Year Representative

Third Year Representative

Application for committee positions:

Please copy and paste the link to a google document with the following information in the above form. If it is not a non-private google document link we won't be able to access it.

Full Name:

University Email:


Year of Study:

Committee Role (1st choice):

Committee Role (2nd choice):

Committee Role (3rd choice):

Which Social Justice issue/s are you most passionate about (200 words max)?

What will you bring to the committee (100 words max)?

Do you have any experience you feel is relevant to the role (250 words max)?

List 5 terms to describe yourself  in terms of social justice issues you'd like to focus on in the committee. For example: Activist, Volunteer, Feminist, BIPOC, Children's Rights, Education, Health, Law, Prison Reform, etc. 

Please upload a photo with your face visible onto the same google doc you use to answer the aplication questions. 

By submitting this form you agree that all the information you provide in the google doc may be used as a part of our 'Election Information' page, including your photo.

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