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Meet our Committee Alumni



Jemima Barlow


Jemima has a special interest in education and mental health and aims to direct the NDSJS in activities which support these essential human rights. Jemima is in her third year of Social Justice and second year of Law and will be bringing her positive perspective and organisation skills to make the NDSJS 2020 awesome!

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Alli Clark

Vice President Sydney 

Alli is a passionate social justice student here at Notre Dame, studying Law and Arts. Alli is currently in her fourth year of university and intends to bring her experience to make the NDSJS 2020 the best year yet.

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Bonnie Lyons

Treasurer and Media Director

Bonnie is as enthusiastic about Human Rights as anyone could be! Bonnie is in her third year of university and  studies Management and Social Justice and will be keeping the NDSJS on the right path when it comes to our fundraising targets.

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Jasmine Robertson



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Anywn Brook-Evans

Social Director


Jackson Ward

Volunteers Director


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Yousef Hakimi

Vice President Darlinghurst 

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Callum McKenzie

Education Director

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