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The NDSJS is for students at the university of Notre Dame studying a Social Justice Major or with a passion for human rights. The NDSJS is a place to listen, learn and share your experiences and knowledge. 

The NDSJS considers the universal declaration of human rights as the basis for our understanding of Social Justice. The society aims to educate, fundraise, volunteer and create social events for students to engage with Social Justice. 

Our 2020 vision is titled 'get social, get justice.' The pandemic has placed a challenge in front of our desire for connecting students on campus and attending charity events such as fun runs. However, during the winter term due to the unknown ahead of us, we will be preparing for some fun online events for our members. In semester 2 we will have a range of events with a focus on education and mental health. 

We invite all students to become members of the society to strengthen friendships and engage with current issues to create a vibrant campus community. 

If you're a current student, alumni or would like to apply for  committee position please select this link.

Remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep informed.

- NDSJS 2021

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